Noah Scalin




After reading about Noah Scalin and his skull a day art work i was instantly captured. I looked at only a handful of skull pictures, which were all very good but also creative, and i cant even image all the ones he came up with. I think that idea is awesome and would call for some serious creativity. I think i would like to try something like this, for a week or so to try and create something everyday.

I would also really like to take a look at his book he wrote on the creativity of a daily skull. I think it would be good to have more “daily creativity” in life even for those who are not artist. Its a matter of seeing what you have, and seeing what you can do with it. I like that.

My only question about Noah Scalin is: do you ever get tired of seeing skulls? I mean after making and creating and envisioning so many is not enough, now he is famous for the skulls, has books publish, has his art work tons of places. Just wondering.

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